Our clinic is proud to provide 20+ different specialties which can address your current work-related injury. If you’ve been hurt at work and need to see a doctor, you can schedule your appointment today with a true specialist who can meet your needs.

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We offer a variety of diagnostic and treatment services for our patients

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Recovering from an injury may help you to feel better. It may not, however, restore your strength completely. Some injuries may require physical medicine interventions, which may include rehabilitation, as part of your treatment process.



If you’ve suffered an injury to your central nervous system or are experiencing bothersome symptoms, such as tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness, then book an appointment within this specialty. Nerve pain can take many forms and may appear in places other than where an injury may have occurred.


Pain Management

Almost every injury involves some type of pain. You may have pain at the site of the injury. That pain may radiate to other parts of the body as well. You may also experience nerve pain, headaches, and muscle pain that is related to your work-related injury. Our team will work to find a way to manage your pain, so you can focus on what is important: recovery.

Internal Medicine

This specialty focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that affect adults. Being exposed to a disease while completing your duties may qualify as workers’ compensation case. These are considered occupational diseases. Common occupational diseases may include allergic reactions, asthma, hearing loss, and infectious diseases.



Injuries to your joints and bones can be extremely painful. Even sprains and strains within a joint can limit your mobility. Our specialists in this area will examine your injury, recommend immediate and ongoing treatments, and give you a specific plan to follow for your care.



This specialty focuses on injuries and ailments that occur with the feet. Many jobs require employees to be on their feet for most of the day. Over time, this can create repetitive use injuries. There is always the potential of an acute injury that requires treatment as well. Our team will examine your feet, recommend a treatment program, and work on correcting any disorders that may have developed.


We Specialize in Workers’ Compensation

Come meet the specialist that can help you begin to start feeling better. No matter how complex your workers’ compensation case may be, our doctors focus on creating a treatment plan which will move you toward the fullest recovery possible.

Schedule your appointment today at (718) 260-6590.

Authorized for Workers' Compensation Consultations

Have you ever felt that the doctor's office has focused more on profits than on people? When you visit one of our specialists for your Workers' Compensation case, you will discover a different priority. Our caring staff and our medical specialists will ensure that you receive the care you need each visit.

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Medex Diagnostics and Treatment Center works with you to ensure that you always have access to the treatment and care you require to make the fullest recovery possible. A work related accident in New York can be a devastating experience. Let us help you start to feel better if you’ve been in a recent accident or injury. Schedule your appointment with our team today.

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