How to Avoid Repetitive Use Injuries While on the Job

Can I Choose My Own Workers’ Compensation Doctor?

One of the most common injuries that we see here at our office which are work-related are repetitive use injuries. These injuries create a perfect storm of problems when they occur.

• Employees wonder if their injury qualifies as a workers’ compensation injury.
• Reduced movement, or acute pain, results in a loss of productivity.
• Injuries that are repetitive may not feel like an actual injury.

The reason why repetitive use injuries are so prevalent is because they can happen to anyone. Whether you work in the office, a warehouse, or you’re involved in construction, any body part that is repetitively used in the course of your job duties is at a higher risk of sustaining an injury.

Repetitive use injuries are very treatable. In many instances, they are also very preventable. Here are some of the ways that you can proactively work to avoid suffering from this common injury issue.

Use Proper Posture and Form

Repetitive use injuries occur because an unnatural strain is placed on a specific part of the body. If you type without proper posture, for example, then an injury like carpal tunnel syndrome can develop. If you lift heavy items with your back instead of your legs, a repetitive muscle strain injury to the lower back may occur. Proper posture is just one component of prevention. You must also use proper form when completing repetitive tasks. Make sure that you’re using your equipment in the way it is intended to be used at work. Wearing personal protective equipment can lower your risks of an injury as well.

Remove Items Which Contribute to Injuries

If you complete regular tasks at work, then you can reduce the chances of an injury by removing anything that could create unexpected snags or impacts. One of the most common items that can be removed to prevent injuries is jewelry. You may also find that long articles of clothing could become problematic in the completion of your duties. Some jobs require proper footwear as a proactive effort to stop repetitive use injuries from occurring, which would require the removal of current footwear.

You’ll also notice that there are items in your environment which could be removed to prevent injuries as well. Cords that are in certain places where you repetitively walk are a constant trip hazard that could be prevented. You might also find that certain pins, nails, or debris is in your way while at a job site. Taking a couple minutes to remove these obstacles can go a long way toward preventing an injury.

Go at the Correct Speed for the Job

When your boss is wanting a job to be done quickly because there is a tight deadline, there can be an urge to rush. Rushing might get some work done faster. It might also create the right circumstances for a repetitive use injury to occur. Here’s the problem. When people rush, they begin to forget about form and function basics. Office workers might begin to slouch in their chair or use improper postures while typing. Construction workers might miss potential hazards that they would normally spot.

Slowing down can prevent a number of work-related injuries as well. Workers that are in a rush have a higher risk of suffering from a serious injury, such as a slip, trip, or fall. The last thing you want is to be dealing with an acute injury and a repetitive use injury from your job duties at the same time. A little prevention will go a long way toward a healthier work environment. Go the right speed and pay attention to what you’re doing or where you’re going.

What to Do If You’ve Suffered a Repetitive Use Injury

If you’ve suffered an injury because of your required job duties, including a repetitive use injury, then it is important that you receive a proper diagnosis and treatment options to help you recover. Visiting an authorized workers’ compensation doctor will get you back onto the road toward recovery.

It can take some time to heal from repetitive use injuries. You may be asked to complete alternative job duties while you recover. There may be follow-up treatments, such as physical therapy, that may be necessary to restore your functionality to the fullest extent possible. The best thing you can do is schedule an appointment right away if you suspect you’re suffering from an injury. That way, you can get back to doing what you love, in they way you love to do it, without the pain you may have right now.

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